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We intend to update this feature on as regular a basis as we can, so drop by from time to time and we hope you find something useful here. No attempt has been made to grade the material in any order of difficulty - after all, that's half the fun isn't it?....;-)

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1. Quadrant
2. Fibonnacci Numbers
3. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
4. Repetition
5. Ages
6. Splits
7. Inspector Norse
8. Curved Areas
9. Square Pegs...
10. Sprouts
11. Letters for Numbers
12. Swimming Teams
13. One Equals Two
14. Hands of a Clock
15. Palindromes
16. Word Play
17. A Fruity Number...
18. Factors
19. Imagine
20. Magic Square
21. Sevens
22. Knockout
23. Kids 'R Us
24. Mungo Park
25. Figure It Out
26. Holiday Quiz Show
27. Cubic Holes
28. Bob and Alice
29. Marching Army
30. Water and Wine
31. Splitting the Prize Money
32. Heavy Spheroids
33. Cattle Barons
34. The Ageless Ted and Alice


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