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7. Inspector Norse

Following the theft of priceles Viking artefacts from a museum, the thief - or thieves - make a slick getaway in a stolen car.

Inspector Norse is on the case and police soon arrested three well-known criminals, Alfie, Bill and Charlie. It soon emerges that:

1. No one, other than these three, was involved in the robbery.
2. Charlie never goes out on a job without his mate Alfie.
3. Bill can't drive.

Can you work out who is guilty?

Scroll down the page for the answer.


If Bill is guilty, then he must have had an accomplice, or accomplices...

...so Alfie or Charlie or both are also guilty.

On the other hand, if Bill is not guilty then, once again, Alfie or Charlie, or both, are also guilty...

...so if Charlie is innocent, then Alfie must be guilty; but if Charlie is guilty then so is Alfie (by statement 2). In any event Alfie seems doomed and should consider retaining the services of m'learned friend...;-)

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