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The links on this page are primarily concerned with educational resources and education in general. We're always keen to receive comment and feedback so your suggestions will be welcome.

There's a wealth of information and software available - much of it freeware - and we hope you find something of interest here.

Art and Design

Art Detective: 'an adventure in art history'...
Arts Edge: from the Kennedy Center, this is a good resource for students and teachers covering visual and performing arts
ArtMetal: from wrought iron to jewellry - if you work with metal, this is for you
Asian Arts: 'the online journal for the study and exhibition of the arts of Asia'
Carribean Art: collection of Carribean art, paintings, sculpture, musical instruments
Collage: indexed collection of images from the Guildhall Library and Art Gallery in London
Durban Art Gallery: collections from various cultures
Egyptian Galleries: info, articles on all matters Egyptian
Escher: commercial site but it does include information and pictures by the celebrated Dutch artist
Fine Arts Museums of SF: the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco is a 'public museum with an evolving mission to behave more like a resource and less like a repository'. It gives access to collections of 'paintings, drawings, etchings, porcelain, sculpture, silver, glass, furniture, textiles and more'.
Goya: dedicated to one of Spain's finest...
Guggenheim Museums: access to several Guggenheim Museums
HandiLinks to Art: links to art resources for younger kids
History of Art: Prehistoric, Ancient and Middle Ages, hundreds of links worldwide
The Incredible Art Department: archived 'Art Site of the Week' links, chat, access to school and college art departments, lesson ideas and more
Louvre: a virtual tour, information, exhibitions
Mark Kistler's Imagination Station: the Electronic Pencil Power Playground, learn to draw in 3D, aimed at kids, useful hints
Martin Lawrence Galleries: works from various contemporary artists, 'Explore the Art World' leads to museum and gallery links...
National Gallery: London's National Gallery, or at least, what they choose to let you see of it
National Gallery of Canada: in English and French, exhibitions, collections, educational programs and, in particular, for those with disabilities
New York Museum of Modern Art: education, programmes and events, exhibitions
Paleolithic Cave Art: cave paintings over 30000 years old, discovered in 1995 in the Ardeche, France
Picasso: the 'official website', what more do you need?
Pinhole Photography: site dedicated to the use of pinhole cameras, making them, taking and developing pictures etc
Sebastian Marquez: computer art - 'the pixel paintings of Sebastian Marquez and how to paint them'
Smithsonian Institution: collections built for 'the increase and diffusion of knowledge'
Techno Impressionism: 'Techno Impressionism is the last art movement of the 20th century', ah well, you'll just need to check this one out for yourself
The Uffizi: a touch of class, in English and Italian
Virtual Museum of Arts El Pais: 'a dynamic, interactive museum...of contemporary Uruguayan art', a virtual walk-round tour, slow graphics, in English and Spanish
World Artist Directory: a cornucopia of info, articles, kids' section, and more


Amazon Interactive: information about the area plus an 'Ecotourism Simulation Game'
Arctic Circle: history, culture, natural resources plus a 'Virtual Classroom'
Arctic Dawn: the journeys of Samuel Hearn, an 18th century tale, from Hudson Bay to the Northern Ocean
CIA Factbook: provides statistics, information and maps of just about every country on Earth...
Geo Resources: Dave Rayner's geographical resources for students, teachers and parents
Desert USA Magazine: the natural history of desert regions - plants, minerals, animals
Geography Links: dozens of links to geography-related sites
Geography World: vast collection of geography related links
Great Globe Gallery: upwards of 200 different views of the Earth
Interactive Geography: Geo-Globe's interactive games - try them...
Irish Geography: Geographical Society of Ireland - extracts from their journal
Make Me a Map: resource aimed at kids, how maps are made
Mungo Park: information on various expeditions around the world
National Geographic: a wealth of information, as you might expect
Northern Yukon: monitoring the environment of the region
Resources for Geography and Geology: pointers to an array of multimedia, governmnt and other resources
Small Islands Information Network: developed by the Univertsity of Prince Edward Island to focus on island nations
Western Connecticut State University: links to a vast array of geographical sites


American Civil War: Civil War Home Page, photo archives, documents, battles plus links to related sites
Ancient Egypt: super site from the British Museum, features, games and information for teachers
Cybrary of the Holocaust: the site uses 'art, discussion groups, photos, poems, and a wealth of facts to preserve powerful memories and to educate scholars and newcomers alike about the Holocaust'
Forum Romanum: ancient Rome between 100 BC and 100 AD, a social, cultural, political and religious journey...
Henry Hudson: accounts of the life and voyages of this 'English explorer, mariner and adventurer'
History Net: features, articles, links
History of the World: modestly titled but it's clear that a lot of work has gone into this, well worth a look
Mediaeval/Renaissance: Sharon Spanogle's collection of resources and links for those interested in the 'history, culture and re-creation' of the Middle Ages and Renaissance period
Mr Donn's Ancient History: activities, lesson plans, projects and more to focus on ancient history
Net Serf: mediaeval themes: art, architecture, the complete A to Z plus hundreds of links
Odin's Castle: Odin's Castle of Dreams and Legend, virtual rooms take you on a journey from the Dawn of Man to more modern times...
Perseus Project: Tufts University - an 'evolving digital library for the study of the ancient world'
References and Resources: history - dozens of links for a wide variety of categories


Alexxes Software: eclectic collection of information and links with a slant towards writing, language and literature
CS Lewis: CS Lewis website, news, events, chat room and related resources - clearly a labour of love
Electronic Text Center: The Modern English Collection, searchable database of downloadable texts
Encyclopedia Mythica: myths, folklore and legend. Mythology from around the globe - Greek, Roman gods, goddesses and more
English Resources: worth checking out this site for both language and literature resoources
Gulliver's Travels: devoted to the study of the (online) text. Quotes, notes, resources and links
Indigenous Peoples' Literature: a good starting point for research into the literature, folklore and culture of indigenous peoples around the planet
Internet Wiretap Listing: gopher menu listings of dozens of downloadable classic books from Aesop onwards, including an online Bible
Jane Austen: e-texts, biographical information, academic articles and a selective bibliography
Modern English Collection: electronic texts available from the University of Virginia - a huge resource
Outta Ray's Head: 'lesson plans, handouts and ideas'
Shakespeare - Complete Works: just as it says...and searchable
The Uffizi: another searchable Shakespearian resource
Project Gutenberg: complete online texts of classic works
Wocky Jivvy: Claire's delightful and eclectic collection of poetry, arts, quizzes and more


Abacus: 'the art of calculating with beads', history of, and how to use, the humble abacus. There's more to it than you might think...
Calculus: Oklahoma University has a series of sample problems, review sheets and practice tests
Exercises in Maths Readiness: intended for those thinking of studying maths at college/university level, a series of online exercises - with hints and solutions - produced by the University of Saskatchewan
Fractals: the FractEd Information Pages, an introduction to the world of fractals and chhaos theory
Fractals: designed to offer a simple explanation for kids of what fractals are, lesson plans are included
Interactive Geometry: University of Minnesota advanced geometrical modelling
Interactive Mathematics: Miscellany and Puzzles, with sections on games, puzzles, probability and much, much more, including an interactive abacus. There's a lot to explore on this site.
Interactive Maths: good fun if you can wait for the JavaScript to download
Introduction to Logic: a fairly formal treatment of the subject, includes exercises
Karl's Calculus Tutorial: all you could possibly want to know about calculus, but were afraid to ask...
Kids on the Web: for kids and adults - but mainly for kids - links to educational and 'fun' sites
Knot Plot Site: Robert Scharein's knot site, everything you want to know about knots from a topological point of view...
Math and Science Gateway: maintained by Cornell Department of Education, this offers links to dozens of sites concerned with maths, biology, physics, computers and more, a good starting point for teachers and students
Math Archives: a treasure house of articles and links to all manner of resources, software and teaching materials
Math Forum: issues, resources, hosted by Swarthmore College
Math Goodies: some free online exercise for children to use
Mathematics Resources: a 'one stop page for the busy mathematics teacher for grages K1-12', lesson plans and software
Maths Problems of the Week: some ideas for maths problems and investigations, mainly younger kids
Maths Net: software, puzzles, animations, articles, resources and links...plus...see next link...
Maths Net Trail: what are the 997th to 1000th decimal digits of the expansion of pi? This is a knd of 'treasure hunt' with questions, but no prizes...give it a go...fun for all the family
Lesson Plans: index to dozens of links offering lesson plans and ideas
Logic: issues relating to logic and maths teaching, logic lessons, Ye Mathematics Cafe
Pass Maths: some fairly advanced topics such as the physics of boomerangs
Quantum Brainbenders: maths puzzles, quite good if you can fight your way through the frames...
Top Maths: software, resources, ideas and topics, plus links to other sites
Word Problems for Kids: graded online maths problems with hints and answers


ABCentral: not a particularly inspiring site at first glance, but if you delve you'll find a wealth of links to just about every subject under the sun
Big Sky Lesson Plans: lesson plans for a wide range of topics
Cedar Lane Lesson Plans: more resources for teachers
Collaborative Lesson Archive: ranges from pre-school to undergraduate level
Cisco Educational Archive: visit the virtual schoolhouse
Derrand Education Website: based in Singapore, resources for primary and secondary schools
East of Scotland Water: has a 'fun-factory' with activities for 5-10 year olds and also 11-15 year olds
Hot Potatoes: free software for creating various types of online assessments - multiple choice quizes, crosswords, jumbled sentence, matching exercises and so on
Hot Sites for Teachers: no, not that sort of 'hot'. UK and US home page, articles, links, origami, weather...
Natural History Museum: educational packs, research information and picture libraries
Net Didactica: in English and Spanish - pointers to a wide range of resources
Physical Education: good resource for PE teachers, lesson plans and activities
Quoteland: can't remember where that phrase came from? This could be the place to find out...
Teachnet: chat, resources, lesson ideas
Web Sites and Resources for Teachers: sites and curriculum resources arranged in various categories

Primary Education

Ambleside Primary School: one of the best school websites we've seen, packed full of ideas, downloads and more
Computers in Elementary Education: the Computer Teachers' Resource Page, links to resources across the curriculum
Gareth Ford's Primary Resources: resources, lessons, ideas and worksheets for maths, English, science and art
Gareth Pitchford's Primary Resources: full of lesson ideas for various subjects plus links to other useful sites
Kinder Korner: activities, ideas, books for early years education
Teaching Ideas: lots of free lesson plans and ideas covering a wide range of subjects

Science and Technology

American Museum of Natural History: online exhibitions, education section and articles
Body Quest: designed for students of 16-18, includes quiz
BotSpot: 'What's a Bot?' This site answers the question and addresses the issues surrounding bots and their links with AI and data mining
CHEMystery: 'a virtual chemistry text book', a bit Java-heavy and slow
Cody's Science Education Zone: lesson plans, links, brain teasers
Dart Publishing: biology resources for schools
Duracell - Fun and Learning: topics on science and nature for all ages
Educators' Guide to Educational Resources: 'dedicated to helping teachers to find resources that will help them integrate technology in their curriculum'
Electronics Workshop: tutorials for basic concepts and resources/links for further study
Fluid Mechanics: video clips demonstrating various aspects of fluid flow: stability, vortices, gravity waves...
How Stuff Works: an excellent site with a wealth of information covering engines, motors, items around the house from toilets to telephones - don't miss it!
It's Electrifying!: Richmond Park School's environmental studies project
MadSciNet: 'the laboratory that never sleeps'
Merseyworld Educate: science lesson plans
MicroWorlds - Exploring the Structure of Materials: an interactive tour...
Mr Guch's Cavalcade O' Chemistry: links and resources for all matters chemistry
NanoCAD in Java: freeware nanotech design system - allows you to to play with molecules and simulate their behaviour on your browser
NCSA: National Center for Supercomputer Applications...keeping up to date with the latest advances in technology
Natural History: Cyberspace Museum of Natural History and Exploration Technology, 'to provide access to the knowledge of the wonder of the universe and the human efforts to explore it'
Online Learning Environment: learn about chosen topics then take the online quiz
Physics Animations: some fine animations, and accompanying explanatory notes, for topics such as waves, mechanics, optics and thermodynamics
Science in Action: interactive puzzles, 'action lab', investigation
The Science Museum: online features, exhibitions, education
Shell Discovery Zone: emphasis on chemicals, power generation, fossil fuels, renewables and sustainable development
Teachers helping Teachers to Teach Science: teachers' resources, bulletin boards
Tech Museum of Innovation: teacher resource section, lesson plans, interactive displays and exhibits
Virtual Body: interactive presentation - takes a while to download
Virtual Frog Dissection Kit: ...and it also includes the Virtual Frog Builder Game...


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